Brickleberry character
Yucko the Clown
Gender Male
Hair Light green
Job Clown
Voiced by Roger Black
First Two Weeks Notice
Last In Da Club
Yucko the Clown is a fictional comedy character from The DAMN! Show, created and portrayed by Brickleberry co-creator Roger Black since 1998, who appears in animated form (albeit rarely), as with Waco O'Guin's persona Bobby Possumcods. Yucko appeared only once or twice each season.

On Brickleberry, Yucko is known for being a child-abducting indecent-exposing rodeo clown while on the live-action The Damn Show!, he is quite different, being an insult comedian who makes racist, sexist or fat-shaming jokes to everyone he encounters. He addresses everybody as "Ya pricks" and mentioned one time that he's a 47 year old homeless clown.

On 06-23-2017, The DAMN! Show released a video that announced the app Yucko the Clown's Insult-o-Matic, Yucko claims he's still broke and still lives inside a storage unit (I thought that was illegal?). Of course that's why he's begging everyone to download his app for only 99 cents.

Brickleberry Edit

  • In Two Weeks Notice, he is seen trying to kidnap blind boys to lure them into the circus. Ethel stops him, but he defends, "Hey, it happened to ME and I turned out alright!"
  • In The Dam Show, he breathed alcoholic fire into a mime's face.
  • In The Comeback, Yucko, being in the circus business, provided the elephant for Woody's pornographic films.
  • In Trailer Park, Denzel bribed Yucko to knock out the Judge with a mullet. However, Denzel later realized that the Judge was close to getting permanent brain damage should he get hit only one more time.
    An elephant makes love to a woody

    An Elephant Makes Love to a Woody

  • Yucko in van

    Better yet, why not set up a PokeStop?

    Yucko made one last appearance on the show using his penis as a golf course windmill in In Da Club. It's implied he was hired to do so, because the golf course didn't have any money for a real windmill. Denzel got disgusted by this.
  • He shows up in Armoogeddon, Part 4.