Brickleberry character
Yucko the Clown
Gender Male
Hair Green
Job Clown
Voiced by Roger Black
First "Two Weeks Notice"
Last "In Da Club"
Yucko the Clown is a fictional comedy character from The DAMN! Show, created and portrayed by Brickleberry co-creator Roger Black since 1998, who appears in animated form (albeit rarely), as with Waco O'Guin's persona, Bobby Possumcods.


Yucko first appeared "Two Weeks Notice", where he was seen trying to kidnap blind boys, by luring them into his fan, before being stopped by Ethel. Yucko reveals that he was molested as a child and he "turned out alright", which basically translates to his molestation, turning him into the molester he is today.

In "The Dam Show", Yucko breathed alcoholic fire into a mime's face.

In "The Comeback", Woody starred in a circus-themed porno, which involved Yucko the Clown. Yucko would bring an elephant up behind Woody, so it could fuck him up the ass.

In "Trailer Park", Denzel bribed Yucko to knock out the Judge with a mallet, to keep him from wanting to go to Brickleberry National Park.

In "In Da Club", Yucko was hired as a golf-course windmill. He stood in front of a tunnel and swung his dick in circles, like it was a single windmill blade. Denzel was disgusted, while he was trying to play golf on this course.

Yucko appeared in the comic book issue, "Armoogeddon, Part 4".


On Brickleberry, Yucko is known for being a child-abducting indecent-exposing rodeo clown while on the live-action The Damn Show!, he is quite different, being an insult comedian who makes racist, sexist or fat-shaming jokes to everyone he encounters. He addresses everybody as "Ya pricks" and mentioned one time that he's a 47 year old homeless clown.


  • Yucko appeared in the Paradise P.D. episode, "Police Academy". In a parody of the 2017 reboot of "It", Yucko exposed himself to a young Gerald Fitzgerald, inaugurating his life-long fear of clowns.