Waco O'Guin

Waco O'Guin is one of the 2 co-creators of Brickleberry, but notably he's the more verbally active of the two when it comes to the press and media. He has co-written many of the show's episodes along with Roger Black. Because of how mature and intentionally offensive his art (and jokes) can get, even before Brickleberry, such as The Damn! Show, he has fought with people who demanded censoring, such as when Instagram pulled out "The Creation of Woody" from Brickleberry's account. FOX and Adult Swim did not make him happy when he pitched Brickleberry to them because they rejected his ideas. Daniel Tosh successfully convinced Comedy Central to put Brickleberry on the air. Waco has a passion for mocking hillbillies and hobos, which is how he ended up creating Bobby Possumcods, BoDean, Firecracker Jim and Hobo Larry.

The cancellation of Brickleberry was a serious issue for Waco, since no Season 4 meant he was out of work. Waco pressed hard for Season 4, such as by encouraging fans to buy the comic book in hopes of creating enough funds. On Facebook in August 2017, Waco announced he was working on a new animated project, which unfortunately does not appear to be a Season 4 for Brickleberry.

Waco hilton

Waco playing Paris Hilton in The DAMN! Show

Ever since the show's ended, Waco's been lashing out at Comedy Central, and has said the channel isn't funny anymore. There's a hint that Waco enjoyed South Park at least for a while, since in the Brickleberry comic book's first issue, he wrote that Malloy liked this "one Comedy Central show" before Woody tells him it peaked before he was born.

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