My favorite jokes on BrickleberryEdit

These aren't exactly ranked, but I will say that most of these jokes came from Season 3.

  1. When Woody asked Steve if the chalupa will "Give me the shits"
  2. Steve's "I'm playing with my cock" song when he wrote gay cowboy songs
  3. The Catholic Church Pope's "MONEY MONEY" strip dance
  4. When Woody explains that 2,015 years ago that Jesus killed all the dinosaurs so that he made oil for REPUBLIKANZ
  5. When Connie and Ethel try to fake a tornado with just a gray painted cone, the rednecks are like "Nice try assholes >:( That don't look nothing like Tornado, Tornado looks like THAT!!!" and there's a real tornado. Lol and they don't even care there's a real tornado, they just care about the fake one
  6. The Native American news where they announce "Look like sun" (rain dance) "Make that rain"
  7. When Denzel got a surprise birthday party
  8. When Woody says Filipinos eat paper so they're banned from libraries
  9. When the Freak show magician tries to assure "Don't worry, i treat them like my own children! >:D then he zaps one of them and he complains "Did I mention I ****ing hate my children?" |:(
  10. When Woody and the fat mayor steal a fire truck then they skip a woman whose house is on fire, then Woody slaps the woman for no reason
  11. When Billy Black song causes a gay riot, Denzel's like "Ah, man. Why couldn't that kid have been named Billy Mexican?" Yeah, sure, you seem very un-hypocritical yourself too Denzel
  12. Woody giving a proud face to Neil Cavuto when he says the only thing Woody Johnson Inc. ever does is produce carbon dioxide

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