''Trip to Mars''
Season 2, Episode 11
Production Code: 2RAG13
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Written by Josh Weinstein
Directed by Sueng Cha
First Aired: November 12, 2013
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Scared Straight
My Favorite Bear

Trip to Mars is season 2's 11th episode of Brickleberry, making this the 21st episode overall.


A mission to Mars finds the rangers playing an important role, but it requires the park's native inhabitants to be kicked off their land. After Steve gets covered in mud and branches, he is passed off as an alien. Meanwhile, Malloy ends up leading the displaced natives to the Hazelhurst Mega Mall.


  • Dr. Kurt Thoreau: (about Ethel) And who is this fetching creature?

Malloy: Did you say "fetching" or "felching"?

  • Dr. Kurt Thoreau: (to Ethel) Do men with exceptional beards make your fish flaps foamy?
  • Malloy: There is some really obscure racism in this town.
  • Woody: Who am I kidding? 10:30 on Tuesday night. Nobody's watching this shit.


  • The entire intro for this episode is set at nighttime. It ends with a shooting star, or comet, passing by in the starry sky.
  • During the credits, Dr. Kurt Thoreau does different takes with Ethel by ending his "Do men with exceptional beards make your" with three different sets of words.
  • Woody breaks the fourth wall when he complains how nobody watches their show given the hopelessly horrid timeslot (10:30 p.m. on Tuesdays).


Brickleberry Mars Landing

Brickleberry Mars Landing

Brickleberry Alien Autopsy

Brickleberry Alien Autopsy

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