''Trailer Park''
Season 2, Episode 4
Production Code: 2RAG04
996833 428136397297935 2095556412 n
Written by Brian LoSchiavo
Directed by Michael Rowe
First Aired: September 24, 2013
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Trailer Park is 4th episode of Brickleberry of Season 2, making this overall the 14th episode.


Bobby Possumcods (the redneck who raped Malloy on the series premiere "Welcome to Brickleberry") turns out to be the heir to Brickleberry, so he gets rid of the rangers and turns the park into a trailer park.

Funny MomentsEdit

  • Woody: Where do you think you're going?
    • Malloy: Anywhere but here. I'd like to be somewhere I don't have to live in Haitian styled refugee camps.
  • Malloy: Great! So what's your Wi-Fi password? (pulls out his iPhone)
    • Bobby: The fuck's a Wi-Fi?
    • BoDean: "ObamaFan21", capital "O", capital "F". Upper-case sensitive. (while BoDean gives Malloy the answer, Bobby slowly turns his head in shock to point BoDean)
    • Bobby: I don't even know who you are anymore.
  • Bobby: I'm gonna ask you all as nice as I possibly can: GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY TRAILER PARK!!!! Please!
    • Random Redneck: Well he did say please. Let's go. [all the rednecks start to leave]
    • Steve: Drive carefully!
    • Same Redneck: What the hell's that supposed to mean? [riot starts]


  • Malloy recalls the time he got raped by Bobby prior to Welcome to Brickleberry.
  • Steve gets mugged twice in this episode: first by Bobby and again by Malloy.

Pop Culture References Edit

  • According to BoDean, the Wi-Fi password is "ObamaFan21." It indicates that he is a fan of President Obama much to Bobby's concern.
  • Woody calls Ethel "Tyra Skanks" for being so sensitive about appearing on the magazine cover.
  • If you look closely, you can see Steve's wallet is a Spider-Man wallet.


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