Todd rollins

Todd Rowland is the Hazelhurst Mega Mall head of security who makes minimum wage and rides on a Segway. He told Malloy that bears aren't allowed in malls. He is also racist as he claims Malaysians aren't allowed in shoe stores because they eat shoe laces, which might be a nod to the stereotype that "all cops are racist".

When Malloy leads the Native Americans to take over Hazelhurst Mall back from the "white man who stole their land", Todd and his security team engaged in a brutal battle. Malloy and his tribe easily won with their bow, arrows and rock hammers. One tribe Native threw his rock hammer at Todd's head while he tried retreating on his Segway, which made him crash into a store. He first celebrated his survival, before the cabinets he collapsed onto spilled down knives and swords, which killed him.

Malloy compares Todd Rowland to Paul Blart, being a fat mall cop who rides a Segway.

Rollins dies

Rollins' death

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