Mayor Todd Ford (voiced by John DiMaggio) is the corrupt Hazelhurst mayor who serves as the main antagonist of the Season 3 episode "High Stakes". Ford befriends Woody until he steals Brickleberry Park from him in a poker game, in which Ford got a straight flush. Afterwards, he turns the park into his own natural reserve, much to the chagrin of the other rangers. Ford filled the park with many African-originated animals such as elephants, rhinos, lions and giraffes so that he and his friends (including Bruce Jenner) can start hunting them like poachers as if they were in a safari in Africa. When Woody asks why Ford chose Brickleberry, Ford defends it's better than going to Africa due to his dislike of long airplane trips and the children living (or dying) in Africa have "skinny bodies with fat bellies" which disturbs him.

Later on, it turns out that Ford cheated in the poker game and Woody calls him out on this, Ford insults Woody for not realizing how obvious it is that politicians cheat.

Woody makes another bet that if Ford doesn't hunt and kill Malloy within one hour Woody gets back the park. Ford accidentally shoots Mallory after Woody believed it was Malloy due to the resemblance between the two bears. Since Ford lost the bet, Woody gets the park back.

Todd Ford returned in the comic book Armoogeddon, Part 4. He doesn't have any lines, but he does help the Brickleberry rangers fight against the cows.

He is a parody of the late real-life Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

Quotes Edit

  • [sarcasm] "Oh no, a politician who cheats. What's next? An eskimo that fucks coconuts?!!"
  • Get ready to mount that rhino!
  • Did I die again?
  • What a clock on the dot!
  • [kills Steve and Mallory's baby human/bear hybrid son] Got the only one! I AM A GOD NOW!!!!