What the hell's wrong with you leave me alone

The Deer who shows up in Scared Straight. When Denzel dressed up like the Lord of the Rings character Shadowfax, who is a white horse, the deer raped Denzel through anal sex when Denzel played the bottom half of the horse. Then, Denzel changed his mind and played the top half but he still got raped when the deer shoved Denzel's head up his anus.

Denzel deer this ain't right

The deer raping Denzel as the lower half of Shadowfax

Denzel raped by a deer

The deer raping Denzel a second time, this time as the top half of Shadowfax

Later, the deer visited Denzel in Hazelhurst Maximum Security Prison, angering Denzel screaming at the deer to leave him alone. The deer then tapped on the window and still stayed.

The deer is a male because it has antlers. That means the deer officially did male-on-male rape on Denzel.

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