Creation of Woody

"Oh, I just noticed your ceiling needed some restoration"

The Creation of Woody is a painting Woody made to "improve" on the Vatican Council, and it is supposed to mimic the painting The Creation of Adam. Malloy is God and Woody is Adam. The painting was also made by Woody as a symbol of pride and seeing himself as a holy figure, as well as being proud of his big, long penis. And also Connie's breasts were fully visible, nipples included.

The Unnecessary Drama this painting caused in real life Edit

Waco O'Guin is very proud of this painting, having worked long and hard on it. Unfortunately, his hard work was disgraced and disregarded by Instagram, who pulled it off of Brickleberry's account complaining that because of Woody's penis it violated community guidelines that prohibit nudity. Instagram even gave a warning to Brickleberry's account not to violate such guidelines again. Ironically, it wasn't an actual violation since it was not a real picture, it was a painting! Waco O'Guin has protested "Instragram sucks", "My Creation's As Good as Michelangelo" and that art is art. He also noted that the original Creation of Adam remains available on Instagram even though that also had portrayed nudity.