''Steve the Fearless Pilot''
Season 3, Episode 8
Production Code: 3RAG08
Fearless pilot
Written by Christopher Vane
Directed by Ashley J. Long
First Aired: November 4, 2014
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Baby Daddy
High Stakes

Steve the Fearless Pilot is the eighth episode of season 3 of Brickleberry.


Steve acts like a pirate after a hypnosis takes a strange turn; Connie and Denzel are stranded on an island where they meet a whole bunch of attractive sexually scantily-clad women who all praise Connie while being hostile to Denzel. Denzel is urgent to leave while Connie wishes to remain.
Brickleberry Season 3 Episode 8 Full Episode

Brickleberry Season 3 Episode 8 Full Episode


Pop Culture References Edit

  • One of the Chinese men claims "I sell Mogwais!". Mogwais are creatures from the movie Gremlins.
  • The island that Denzel and Connie wash upon appears to be based on Themyscira from the DC Comics, since Wonder Woman's love interest Steve Trevor often washes up on this island due to a plane crash in many incarnations of DC Comics and their movie or TV adaptations.
  • Steve's pirate costume bears loose resemblance to Captain Jack Sparrow form the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

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