She's not that beautiful

Stephanie Bridges is a woman who looks a lot like Steve. Steve falls in love with her in "Little Boy Malloy". She teaches at the Hazelhurst Elementary School. The last time Stephanie is ever seen is when she was receiving anal sex from Steve when the two were naked, but right behind the cardboard cut-out props for the school play that Malloy and Coilette were in as "Romeo and Juliet". Once Stephanie disappeared, Steve continued to pursue Ethel as his love interest.

Denzel considers Stephanie to be very ugly.

Personality Edit

Stephanie, much like Steve, is a fan of Viggo Mortensen and lasagna. She's very stupid just like Steve, having read a book (Viggo Mortensen's 1001 Lasagna Recipes) while driving just cause she got bored while driving. Stephanie is overweight just like Steve.