Brickleberry HD CLEAR Character ART Nikolai of the Russian Marijuana Cartel

Nikolai Head of the Russian Marijuana Cartel

The Russian Mob Leader is a violent and dangerous drug dealer who is the head of the Russian marijuana cartel. He is the main antagonist of Season 1's 3rd episode, "Saved by the Balls". He's intimidating and dangerous, but also naive and gullible as he easily believed whatever lie Steve told him.

Biography Edit

He originates from Russia but he has since smuggled himself and his family into the United States and moved into Brickleberry to start growing weed there. It was a horrible, backfiring decision on his part since Brickleberry's soil is infertile and whatever his former pot growers tried all failed, so they passed away from him shooting them multiple times.

The Russian Mob Leader believed whatever Steve told him, that Steve is really an Italian plumber named Mario Brothers, and that his friend is Denzel Ted Tris. He then instructed Steve and Denzel to grow the marijuana within one week but Steve forgetting that he's supposed to only pretend being a marijuana grower gloats that he can grow all the plants by tomorrow. The Russian mob leader wished them good luck after threatening to kill them for failure, and after Steve and Denzel fail when it's already the dead of night, Denzel resorts to plan B: fake their deaths and dig their own graves. Steve then gets an idea Ethel gave him, he gets Malloy's surgically removed testicles and squirts them all over the weeds. This made the weeds grow high and tall.

Quotes Edit

  • "In Russia, punch means stab and kisser means anus hole" (after he threatens to punch Steve and Denzel in the kisser if they don't grow the marijuana within a week by tomorrow)
  • You are SUPER, Mario Brothers!
  • You've played Mario Brothers for the last time!
  • No gesundheit, mama? (points a gun at his mother's head cause she ignored Steve sneezing)
  • Nobody calls Mario "Steve"!