Bobby Possumcods 3 of 20- Possum Oaks

Bobby Possumcods 3 of 20- Possum Oaks

Possum Oaks is a video from The Damn! Show released in 2012 and it's real funny, dammit!

In this episode, Bobby has become desperate for cash after running out of loot to steal from BoDean, so he invents a time machine and tried making money off nude pictures of his own wife Regina ("Spread your asshole open!"). These also all fail so Bobby takes a job tutoring an exchange student from China. Bobby provides housing (locks up the student inside a dog cage), feeds him food (uncooked rice) and forces him to sit in the couch in the middle of his arguments with Regina.

Bobby teaches him "economics" by stealing his wallet and "spelling" by showing him a piece of paper saying "Whites Onley" taped onto the fridge. Bobby then teaches the student what his opinions are of certain people as he shows a picture of Obama (Hate him), a Mexican guy (Hate him), an Arab guy (Hate him), a Jewish guy (Hate him), Jesus (Love him) and another Chinese guy (Hate him).

Regina and Bobby take a vacation to celebrate their check for $127 for doing nothing but taking in the Chinese student. They stay on vacation for 6 months straight, and Regina freaks out when she sees the Chinese boy's skeleton, since he starved to death as Bobby locked him inside a cage before they left. Regina panics and asks Bobby what should they do, and Bobby decides to use his time travel device to go back in time before they went on vacation, when the boy was alive and locked inside the cage. Bobby simply turns the lights off, tells the Chinese kid locked inside the cage that he's glad he dodged a huge electricity bill and goes back to his current time.

And that's the end of our story, we'll talk to you later, bye.