Brickleberry character
Pope evil
Pope Francis
Gender Male
Hair Grey (aging to white)
Age 79 (Deceased)
Job Pope of the Roman Catholic Church
Religion None (Atheist)
Killed by Satan
First Cops and Bottoms
Pope Francis is the head of the Roman Catholic Church and the main but then demoted to secondary antagonist of the "Bottoms" plot in the episode Cops and Bottoms.

After Pope forced Woody to come meet him in-person, Woody confessed that the Jesus hemorrhoid is not real. Pope admits that he knows that, and Woody asked how. Pope answers because he's not even Catholic, he's an atheist who regards all religions as just "made up fairy tales" and that the point of the church is just money. The Pope turns out to be a greedy homicidal trash-talking scammer, liar and a bully who swindles people, especially Mexicans who are predominantly Catholic, just for money. The Pope complains that because of Woody's hemorrhoid, church attendance virtually died and he lost all his money to Woody. Francis pulled out a knife and tried cutting Woody's hemorrhoid and then his throat. Woody tried resisting, but soon Francis (from his own shock) backed away from Woody's Jesus-looking hemorrhoid and he scattered backwards until he fell off his own building and fell through humiliating clothes (which embarassed / angered him) until he splatted and hit the ground.

Even though the Pope died, Woody was still in trouble because now his hemorrhoid said he was going to send Woody to Hell. Woody then angrily asks why Hell, and the hemorrhoid replies that he's Satan, not Jesus. Then the real Jesus Christ shows up and vanquishes the devil, by sticking ointment into Woody.


  • In real life, Pope Francis is also considered a hypocrite for always calling on donations to the poor yet he is a millionaire himself who owns luxuries such as gold and his own private jet.
Pope - Money Money

Pope - Money Money

Pope twerking.