Meaty meat pizza

Pizza is a popular food that usually contains mozzarella cheese and meat toppings on top of bread. Almost every to all Americans have eaten pizza not just once, but many times in their lives, thanks to the popularity of chains like Pizza Hut, Chuck E. Cheese, Domino's and Papa John's. In 2015 alone, over 3 billion pizzas were eaten in the United States.

Hot wings are usually eaten with pizza since pizza has sharp cheesy and milky taste because hot wings are considered the best complement food for being spicy and filled with chicken meat when the pizza itself has a small ratio of meats compared to cheese and dough.

Brickleberry Edit

  • Malloy tries eating Brickle Oven Pizza to cheat on his diet, along with fried chicken wings and Coke to go with that pizza.
  • Malloy proves to be fond of eating buffalo chicken pizza in "The Animals Strike Back"
  • Connie is seen eating pizza in a camp brochure in "Campin Ain't Easy"
  • Steve's mom gave a blewjob to a pizza delivery guy as a tip so that she and Steve can have pizza for dinner.