Pita 1

What do you think we spend our money on? Starving children? That would be a waste!

PiTA, acronym for People are less Important Than Animals is a radical organization of humans who are dedicated to animal rights. They serve as the secondary antagonists in the episode Squabbits, being outranked for the position of main antagonists by the Squabbits of course. They are ridiculously wealthy and are shown to have their own army, their own navy, their own air force, tanks and the soldiers carry AR-15s while the leader himself appears to carry a Mossberg rifle. According to the leader they are able to afford all those because they have money.

Steve asked if they were PETA, but Woody answered "No, PiTA with an i, it's a completely different organization".

Angered at Brickleberry's park rangers for declaring population control on Squabbits because they are eating away everything in the park and causing problems for the park, they threw the main cast (save Malloy) in a cage (including Ethel, WHY Ethel when she called them?) and tortured them with cosmetic testing. but before they could just kill off the main cast, the Squabbits then ate up all of PITA's members and soldiers since they were so hungry they resorted to eating human flesh. The PITA leader had his limbs pulled apart but he told the squabbits he was honored to die to feed them and that he still loved them.

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