People Suck is a song sung by Steve Williams in the episode Write 'Em Cowboy. The song was dedicated to a boy named Billy Black. It was supposed to be a happy positive song to help him get over bullying. However, only parts of the song were audible when it was first performed in front of an entire audience, making it sound like something completely different, taken out of context.

Because of the riot this song starts, Denzel laments Billy wasn't named "Billy Mexican".


Steve: [out of the microphone] I'm so sorry Billy [into microphone] Black people suck.

[out of the microphone] It's not your fault Billy [into microphone] Black people stink.

[out of the microphone] Don't worry Billy [into microphone] Black people are animals.

I'd like to tie 'em to my pick-up truck and drag 'em down the road!