Pamela anderson
Pamela is so ugly

Pamela Anderson is a blonde American actress and animal rights advocate. Her body is poisonous and toxic to eat. She shows up (and then dies a few minutes later) in "Squabbits". She was voiced by Tara Strong.

She showed up when PITA (no not that PeTA), PiTA with an i, called her to join in the effort to save the Squabbits when Woody declared that hunters everywhere in the state start shooting at the Squabbits to curb overpopulation and because Squabbits were eating way too much vegetation, which was upsetting the ecosystem balance.

While she was wearing only a red bikini (or bra and panties? I don't know, hard to tell), Woody and Malloy tricked her into walking off the cabin roof so that she get eaten by the Squabbits, and her poisonous body killed off the entire Squabbit species, and so the park was saved.

Personality Edit

Pamela just about loves animals and wants to hug any animal she finds cute. She also hardly wears any clothes, and she died while only wearing a bikini.

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