No bobby manule

O'Bobbycare is a health care insurance founded by Bobby Possumcods. The main purpose of the program was to serve as an alternative for Obamacare, which Bobby disliked for being too restrictive of smoking, gun ownership, junk food, sodas and "probably make guys gay-marry each other".

The only customer of the system was BoDean. BoDean not only had many pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure, high blood sugar, diverticulitis, colitis, gingivitis and "Bieber fever" but also had a very sloppy lifestyle and poor dietary habits like eating raw bacon and drinking large sodas. Bobby then banned BoDean from owning guns, eating raw bacon, drinking extra large 7 Eleven Sodas to avoid any more medical bills (this should remind you of how Bobby complained about liberals banning guns and junk food right before he created O'Bobbycare).

Bobby went broke after having to pay all his money ($1200) to Dr. Kuzniak (who did nothing more than just pluck pencils out of BoDean's eye). He tried dropping BoDean from the system, but BoDean pointed out he has no legal ability to do so.

The system was disbanded once Bobby found out he qualified for Obamacare. To get BoDean on his side, he gay-married BoDean (with Firecracker Jim being their marriage officiant, who wished them "Have fun in Hell") and then consummated BoDean in order to make the marriage official.

Manual Rules Edit

  • Page 1 - The company (Bobby) shall not drop any registered patient from O'Bobbycare for any reason.
  • The patient must start by paying a deductible to the company (Bobby) so that the system may commence.
  • The company (Bobby) will pay for all hospital and medical bills for the patient.

New Added Rules Edit

  • No guns for the patient.
  • No big sodas for the patient.
  • No raw bacon, and supposedly any junk food, for the patient.

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