''Miss National Park''
Season 3, Episode 3
Production Code: 3RAG03
Miss National Park
Written by Christopher Vane
Directed by Bert Ring
First Aired: September 30, 2014
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Miss National Park is the 3rd episode of season 3 of Brickleberry.

In the main plot, Woody gets relentlessly pursued by Manslaughter McGill for losing a gambling bet for $20,000. Woody bets himself to redeem his gambling bet for Ethel winning the beauty pageant. Connie enters the beauty pageant in order to beat Ethel in order to prove that beauty pageants are evil and ruin people's lives, but because she's very unattractive and ugly, Malloy aims to help her out because he wants the prize of the pageant: a trip to anywhere in the world. Malloy wants the trip so that he can kill a fat Chinese boy, Chang, as revenge for humiliating him on a multi-player video game.

In the subplot, Denzel and Steve realize they are dating the same woman (Tammy Jane). Tammy then offers a threesome for the two of them, and Denzel teaches Steve how to do a proper threesome.

Trivia Edit

  • Woody pronounces his house maid's name, Inez, wrong as "I-nez" instead of "In-ez".

Pop Culture References Edit

  • Brickleroyale

    Brickle Royale!

    Malloy references The Hunger Games as the inspiration for his idea to force the beauty pageant contestants to fight each other to the death until only one remains. The Hunger Games itself is an Americanized remake of the Japanese film Battle Royale, where Japanese children were forced to kill each other by the totalitarian Japanese government to the death until only 1 remains.
  • Denzel: "I bring Tammy, you bring Kate "Made"-Upton"
  • Woody claims he bet $20,000 on Quidditch and he lost since he bet on Hufflepuff.

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