''Miracle Lake''
Season 2, Episode 1
Production Code: 2RAG01
BR201 03 28 TK4
Written by
Waco O'Guin
Roger Black
Directed by Brian LoSchiavo
First Aired: September 3, 2013
List of Episodes
The Dam Show
The Comeback

Miracle Lake is the premiere episode in season 2 of Brickleberry, being the eleventh episode overall.


When Woody discovers that the lake has magical healing powers, he starts an evangelism on healing the sick and taking their money. Meanwhile, Denzel finds a four-hundred-thousand-year-old Neanderthal woman in an ice cave who he intends to have sex with.



  • The intro for this episode was slightly altered to show the glowing water in Miracle Lake. This was also the very first intro gag.
  • We see Firecracker Jim with his arms and legs for the first time after soaking in Miracle Lake. Also, he is heard speaking much softer than usual due to his hearing being restored.
  • Steve and Connie going door to door about religion while in white shirts, black ties and pants while wearing backpacks is a reference to Mormons (Latter-Day Saints).
  • The holy water in the lake is a parody of Baptism.
  • Steve gets shot for the second, third and fourth time in this episode. The first was prior to Two Weeks Notice.


Brickleberry Miracle Lake

Brickleberry Miracle Lake

Brickleberry Just Jump In

Brickleberry Just Jump In

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