You fired malloy

The manager next to Malloy

The manager of the restaurant Meat Sandwich Yummy You Like appears in the episode Write 'Em Cowboy. The restaurant appears to sell burgers, fries and chicken sandwiches.

When Firecracker Jim's wife Buella asked whether the Chicken-Zilla or the Beef St. Helens has less calories (both were highly fattening and there wasn't much difference in their nutritional value), Malloy asks that she just get a yummy meal which comes with a mirror. The manager considered this mocking her for being fat and so fired Malloy. He begged he needed the job since he was behind bills, but the manager didn't care and repeated Malloy is fired. Malloy then reveals that he masturbated onto the "silly sauce", although the customers nonetheless ate his semen.

Hey is this you

The manager appears to be Filipino or other Southeast Asian.

He showed up again in "Steve the Fearless Pilot", where Woody asked if he was the Chinese hypnotist.

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