Manslaughter McGill is a large, very angry Irish man who appears in "Miss National Park" and demanded immediate payment from Woody for having lost a bet on "Quidditch" that made Woody owe him $20,000. He is also very scared of his wife who often calls him for many demands.

Hi plum fairy

He kept threatening to heat up a glass rod with a blow torch and shove it up a hole which he never reveals, since he always gets interrupted by wife's calls. It then turns out his wife Tammy Jane is very abusive and even made him have sex......with Denzel and Steve. Denzel hated the painful same-sex threesome while Steve enjoyed it.

Before McGill could shove that glass rod up whatever hole of Woody, Woody offers to help McGill kill Tammy in exchange for getting his debt forgiven.

His penis has many many spikes and rings around it.