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Brickleberry character
Gender Male
Hair Brown fur
Age 13
Voiced by Daniel Tosh
First "Welcome to Brickleberry"
Last "Global Warning"

Malloy is a main character in the animated series Brickleberry. Malloy is one of the six characters in the main cast and the only one who is not human, rather he is a cute bear cub who was adopted by Woody as an infant. He has a taste for junk food, video games and destroying people's self-esteem.

He is voiced by comedian Daniel Tosh, who created the show Tosh.0 on Comedy Central, the same channel that Brickleberry airs on. Both Daniel Tosh and Malloy use insult comedy as their main way of bringing up humor.


Malloy is a giant short faced bear cub that Woody has taken in as a pet and spoils to death. Woody lets Malloy play video games and eat junk food all day. Though he may be cute and cuddly, Malloy has a dirty mouth, a superiority complex, and a dash of narcissism. He enjoys putting down the rangers on a daily basis, especially Steve. Woody's purposes for keeping Malloy around are that after he attempted but failed suicide by gunfire from psychological stress his stress was relieved when Malloy came into his life and that Woody has nostalgia for the glory days of Malloy being sweet and nice when being a baby bear as explained in "Woody's Girl". This however completely contrasts from Malloy having grown up to the show's time where he has become an offensive bully towards Woody.

Malloy really does nothing but play video games all day and eating junk food, which he is incredibly fond of. He enjoys pizza, fried chicken, burgers, candy, chocolate and corn dogs. Malloy however has done work to make his own money throughout the show, such as being a lawyer (Crippleberry) and a fry cook (Write 'Em Cowboy).

Malloy sprinkling AIDS into Steve's breakfast

In the episode "Welcome to Brickleberry", it is revealed that Steve had accidentally ran over Malloy's parents (then inadvertently shot them both in the head). Malloy would later find out that Steve was the one who killed his parents in "The Animals Strike Back".

Malloy does heavily illegal actions at a very frequent rate, which include partial shoplifting in "Welcome to Brickleberry", snorting cocaine in "The Comeback" and slander in "Woody's Girl". Sometimes Malloy can be treated much better or much worse than a regular person would because since he is a bear, depending on the situation. One positive example was in "Trailer Park", when people weren't allowed to live at Bobby Possumcods and Bodean's trailer park but he could since he was "a bear, not a people". Negative examples include that Malloy wasn't being taken seriously as a fisher, a lawyer, a movie director, or a date for a human woman.


The racist, wise cracking bear, stated very clearly that he is an atheist in the episode "Two Weeks Notice". When Steve asks him about God, he comes up as a "Genuine Asshole" according to Steve. As far as Woody is concerned, Malloy is a sweet, lovable bear cub, that could never hurt a fly. He also is very much a pessimist. Every time Steve says something, Malloy is always there to put his idea down or call him a douche-something. He is depicted as skilled in the business world as well as manipulative and predatory, such as using Woody's gambling problem to harvest Woody's organs when he was unable to pay his debts to Malloy, and selling the rangers stuff in a garage sale.

Malloy is heavily into promiscuous content and attitude. In "The Comeback", he fulfilled his desires of being a film director and was very strict upon his pornographic project that would bring Woody's reputation back as "Rex Erection". In "Little Boy Malloy" he started male-stripping in a school stage play for Coilette, the girlfriend of a petulant boy who was bullying Malloy. Malloy doesn't appear to like female bears very much, as proven in "Squabbits" and "High Stakes".

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