The Ku Klux Klan are an American white supremacist organization who are determined to preserve the racial identity of the United States as being Anglo-Saxon. The KKK are the main antagonists of the Season 1 episode "Race Off!"

The KKK are eager to execute any blacks they find just for being here in America and not back in Africa. They have their historical roots in the collapse of the Confederacy in the American Civil War that ended in 1865. The KKK are ideologically identical to the Nazis. Preferred methods of execution were hanging blacks, and that's what they tried doing with Denzel and "Black" Steve.

Episode appearances Edit

  • Welcome to Brickleberry: When Denzel and Steve start complaining that Malloy's too inconsiderate to everyone, Woody defends that one time Malloy threw a surprise birthday party for Denzel. The flashback shows that Malloy recruited the KKK to show up to Denzel's birthday and surprise him.
  • Race Off!: They find Black Steve who was being dragged into the forest by White Denzel, Bobby and Bodean in KKK disguises. The KKK then force him to put his neck on a rope hanging on a tree to lynch him, but then Denzel reveals that he was black before getting surgery to turn white and that Steve was white before surgery to turn black. The KKK decide to lynch both Denzel and Steve instead (ironically after the leader gave a speech about color not meaning anything on people's skin, but then he dismissed he was being sarcastic), but then they get burnt alive by Woody dropping gas on their fire cross.
  • Little Boy Malloy: Ethel once dated a KKK man, and while they were dining at a restaurant, the Klanman asked the waiter, "Is this Kosher?" to an item on the menu. I thought the KKK were anti-Semitic?
  • Scared Straight: Denzel states that the KKK rally is still more fun than Comic Con.
  • Steve the Fearless Pilot: Malloy finds a comic book featuring "Klan Man" while cleaning out Woody's room. Woody states Klan Man's one of his favorite comic superheroes.

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Preparing to lynch Black Steve.