You watch roots backwards so it has a happy ending?!!

"You watch Roots backwards so it has a happy ending?"

Denzel eating cake

Denzel: "You said you wanted to go to Detroit for my grandmama's 88th birthday party. Then you passed out. I thought it was weird because you don't even know her but I was like okay!"

The Judge is someone who judges national parks. After Brickleberry Park was messed up by a drunken Bobby Possumcods and his tractor, Denzel had to stall the judge until the park was tidied up, and as a result takes him on many adventures. First, he takes him to his Grandma's birthday party, where he gets punched by Denzel's grandma when Denzel accused him of playing Roots backwards so it has a happy ending.

Next, Denzel takes the judge for a bull ride, and afterwards, Yucko the Clown smacks him with his mallet.

Lastly, Denzel takes him to a baseball game, where the Cubs are playing but he warns Ethel if he knocks out the Judge one more time, he'll get permanent brain damage. The judge then becomes suspicious about Denzel, and realizes that he doesn't want him to see Brickleberry Park. He is then hit on the head by the baseball, falling from the grandstand and knocks over a fan's cola drinks. The fan responds by punching him into the dugout, where he is beaten up by the baseball players.

When the judge finally arrives at the park, the park is torn down thanks to a tornado but also Judge is suffering from severe (or as Denzel expected, permanent) brain damage, speaking absolute nonsense and puking blood. Amidst all this, Woody gets him to sign the official form to say Brickleberry won. He then rips off his shirt and bangs his head again.

He then wakes up without his shirt on, not knowing where he is, but not before being run over and killed by Bobby's hijacked parade float. His guts splatter everyone in the photo shoot except Ethel.

Covered in bloody guts

Everyone but Ethel gets covered in the Judge's dismembered body and blood

Despite his death, his character model has been reused in other episodes.