Brickleberry character
Gender Male
Hair Black
Job Owner of Strip Club and Manager of Jorge's Apartments
Voiced by David Herman
First Hello Dottie
Last Armoogeddon, Part 4

Jorge (voiced by David Herman) - A foreign man who owns the local strip club of Brickleberry. He is very clueless and gullible, and being a strip club owner, he seems to objectify and demeans women down to their sexual worth and appeal. He has absolutely no idea what nationality he is when Bobby Possumcods asked. Jorge appears to be either East European (Armenian, Romanian, Ukrainian...) or Hispanic. In Aparkalypse, it is revealed that all of the strippers at his club have dongs.

Watch me poop

Watch me poop!

Episodes Jorge appears in Edit

  • Hello Dottie: His debut appearance. He complains that his strip club is generating less and less revenue, and that business is poor. After Ethel, Connie and Denzel quit working for Woody, they apply for jobs at Jorge's strip club. Jorge ironically picks Connie (instead of the more attractive and thinner Ethel) to be the main stripping star sensation of his club. Meanwhile, he gives Denzel the job as DJ (which Denzel loves doing) and gives Ethel the humiliating job of mopping semen off the floors. Connie proves extremely popular and Jorge's club earns an extreme amount of money that he proudly buries himself in, since Connie has the ability to eject bowling balls out of her vagina that strike down male customers of the club. However, Connie skips practice and therefore during a big show, her bowling ball doesn't hit any of them. Jorge fires all 3 of Ethel, Connie and Denzel. However, in the end the Indian employees take over the job (still doing the job all the way back in India by using robots) and Jorge's business again generates great revenue, which makes Jorge claim he loves America.
  • The Dam Show:
  • My Way or the Highway:
  • Scared Straight:
  • My Favorite Bear:
  • Aparkalypse:
  • Miss National Park:
  • Write 'Em Cowboy: It is known that Jorge owns an apartment complex and a day care center at the same time. Both of those are horrible mediocre and unsafe. His apartment is teemed with dead human bodies from 1984, giant spiders, rats and has no windows at all.
  • Campin' Ain't Easy: He wants children to "watch him poop", being delighted by this so much he starts cackling hard as he spins toilet paper all around his hand into a cocoon to start wiping.
  • Armoogeddon Part 1 (comic book): Jorge is shown to have survived the Armoogeddon for at least 30 years, but then gets killed after Steve gave away the location of their underground base.
  • Armoogeddon Part 4: Jorge tried committing suicide using one of Dr. Kuzniak's cyanide pills to escape getting killed a more painful death from the cow invasion, but Woody orders everybody not to commit suicide and instead fight for their lives.

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