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A shot of Makun working in Moonpie Mumbai, India

India is a country in South Asia that is home to over 1.21 billion people, in second place against China for the the most populous country in the world. Similar to China, India suffers from overpopulation and competition for natural resources. But unlike China, India is a very poor Third World country with weak to no economic power.

In the Brickleberry universe, India has outsourced many jobs in the United States, prominently in technical and Internet support, since Indian employees work for a lot less pay than Americans.

The india

A shot of India in "Hello Dottie"

In "Hello Dottie", because Woody got wonderstruck that Indians will work for $3 a day and work 24/7 without any time to sleep, he hired them Skyped in from India using robots to perform direct park ranger duties at Brickleberry Park so that he can replace his entire staff save for Steve (Denzel, Ethel, Connie), since those three refused to work without minimum wage and health insurance.

Much of the episode focuses on Steve developing a romantic relationship with Dottie, one of the workers. However, after Woody forces the two to break-up, Steve quits and flies to India himself to go find her. However, Malloy encouraged the new Indian workers to get lazy and ignore their boss's commands, and thanks to this "Americanized" influence, the Indian workers refuse to do work anymore and even resorted to stealing many supplies from Woody, including the microwave without a door and his very expensive bulletin board. Because of this, Woody decided to file a complaint against them and hire in different Indians, but instead he finds out that South Korea completely took over the foreign workers firm by now. Because of this, Woody decides to just hire back Denzel, Ethel, Connie and Steve on the terms of better benefits, while Malloy laments he missed and preferred the Indians.

Indian people on Brickleberry Edit

  • Makun (deceased) - committed suicide because he hated his life so much having to work 24/7 for three different companies across Mumbai and he wanted to reunite with his dead loved one Denise.
  • Denise (deceased also)
  • Rocksiht Pony a.k.a. Dottie

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