Woody's dad

Harry Johnson was Woody's dad and Anita's husband. He is only mentioned in the TV series, but he does appear in the comic book Armoogeddon, Part 3 though his face is concealed. From what is heard or seen of him, it is apparent that Harry was a homophobic and uncaring husband and father.

Original Timeline Edit

Harry and Anita gave birth to Woody Johnson in 1968, but then Harry got fed up with kid Woody for ruining his barcalounger with Cheeto dust, and so Harry permanently abandoned both Woody and Anita.

Revised Timeline Edit

When Future Bobby and Woody time traveled back to 1968 to insure that Harry and Anita screw and conceive him, Anita tried introducing Woody (under the alias "Rick Swordfire") to Harry while he was reading Family Circus. Harry claimed he doesn't want any queers in his house and left to go drink. Once he came back, Anita got dressed in a very revealing corset and cursed at him in Spanish just as Woody taught her because according to Woody, a man gets turned on best when his self-esteem is brought down to the lowest point ever. However, it doesn't work and Harry just passes out from the alcohol, and not pleased that she didn't have sex, Anita dumped Harry and then screwed Woody after Woody himself drank a whole bottle of scotch before passing out. Woody wakes up to find out that now he's his own father.

Trivia Edit

  • In Season 1's "Two Weeks Notice", Woody complained that his dad made him wear panties and a padded bra just because he missed his dead wife. This serves as a continuity conflict as Anita never died and she showed up alive in "That Brother's My Father" and the comic book proven that Woody lived out his childhood with his mother, not his father.
  • His name could be sexual innuendo.
  • He had a mustache that was shaped just like Woody's.