Brickleberry character
Gay mafia leader
Gay Mafia Leader
Gender Male
Hair Light brown
Age Middle-aged
Job Entertainment executive
Killed by A spotlight that crushed him to death
Voiced by Tom Kenny
First Write 'Em Cowboy
Last Write 'Em Cowboy
The Gay Mafia Leader is the leader of a mafia that enforces and advocates LGBT-related entertainment. He exploited Steve's country songs in order to praise gay sex, no matter how explicit or dirty.
Gay mafia leader slaps denzel

Slapping Denzel

He appeared in the episode Write 'Em Cowboy as the main antagonist of Denzel and Steve's plot.

He frequently made threats to Denzel should he refuse anything the leader ordered him to do regarding Steve's rise in fame with the gay country songs, while at the same time Denzel didn't tell Steve that his songs were being used for gay innuendo. His threats were not only deadly but very homosexually-sounding such as when he threatened to put Denzel in "a ditch with your dick in your mouth". Once Steve found out because the mafia leader forced Denzel to get Steve to promote himself on Ellen's show, Steve goes on a tantrum on Ellen and tries quitting. This makes the mafia leader angry and forces Steve to write another song by threat. Steve and Denzel try running away, but then they decide to make up the song "Billy Black" for the kid who got bullied for being gay. Steve's new song makes the mob angry because it sounds racist to blacks.

He died at the end of the episode when he told Denzel and Steve that he is now going to kill them, an angry riot caused spotlights to fall which crushed him and his mafia.

Pedro riding audience

Him listening to Steve's "Pedro" song