''Gay Bomb''
Season 1, Episode 6
Production Code: 1RAG07
Bb 107 01
Written by
Waco O'Guin
Roger Black
Directed by Mike Hollingsworth
First Aired: October 30, 2012
List of Episodes
Race Off!
Hello Dottie

Gay Bomb is the sixth episode of the animated series Brickleberry.


The homophobic Christian group Jesus Hates Homos gathers at Brickleberry with Woody's permission (because they pay cash). Upon hearing the news, Connie makes herself scarce due to her history with the group's policies, but in the process, discovers a secret military installation of a missile that turns everyone nearby gay. She then uses the rocket so she can make Ethel fall in love with her, but the tables are turned when Connie has a shocking revelation with the missile. It turns out, the Gay Bomb turns all heterosexuals into homosexuals and vice versa.

Meanwhile, Malloy can't stand Woody having become a gay man and works with Connie to go find the antidote for the Gay bomb's effects.

Trivia Edit

  • As referenced by Brickleberry's Facebook page, the gay bomb was actually a real but unsuccessful concept, having been an unfinished project and has only been a theory ever since.
  • The Homo Eradicator is quite similar to how in real life, many homosexuals face the death penalty in Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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