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I treat each and every one of them like my own children!

I treat each and every one of them like my own children!

The Freakshow Ringmaster appears in the Season 2 episode Crippleberry. He is very fascinated by ordinary animals such as domestic horses, ducks and snakes. He also abuses the circus freaks he keeps locked up in a cage, and he often electrocutes them. He also has children, whom he very much hates.

The freaks prove to be violent, as they are unable to adapt to the outside world and they even ate a deer alive. The deer groaned from pain that his chest was bitten into and his flesh devoured.



He is last seen telling the freaks they have been summoned for jury duty, much to the freaks' anger. One midget complains that should the defendant be black, they're gonna "fry him".

Did i mention i fucking hate my children?

Did I mention I fucking hate my children?

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