Brickleberry character
Brickleberry HD CLEAR Character ART Flamey The Bear
Flamey the Bear
Gender Male
Hair Bald (unmasked)
Age 50's
Job Mascot
Voiced by Maurice LaMarche
First Welcome to Brickleberry
Last My Favorite Bear

Flamey the Bear is a mascot who parodies Smokey Bear. He first appeared in Welcome to Brickleberry and later reappeared in My Favorite Bear. In his first appearance, he was about to say the trademark phrase as said by Smokey Bear while shooting a TV advertisement until Steve accidentally set him on fire and then beating him with a shovel. At the end of the first episode, he was showing how to prevent big vats of acid until Steve unintentionally pushed him into the huge vat of acid, and slowly melting to death. He is Steve's favorite mascot and hero who he used to look up to until Steve learned that Flamey is a washed-up alcoholic. After feeling regret for the first time in the form of a heart attack, he confessed to Steve that he did know him since Steve was young. His last confession was how he used to have sex with Steve's mother. Later after his death, Steve removed the Flamey suit and then buried his dead, alcohol-smelling body in the ground where BoDean accidentally threw away his finished yet lit cigarette that caused the entire Brickleberry forest to catch on fire.

Flamey the Bear came back in the comic book Armoogeddon, Part 4. Didn't he die? It appears that Future Steve used his time travel stick in order to change the past and bring Flamey back to life.