Filipinos ha ha we love brickleerry
Filipinos eat paper

MMMM nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

The Filipino Family consisting of a mother, daughter and father who appear in the Season 2 episode "Trip to Mars" and then return again in the Season 3 episode "Write 'Em Cowboy". In "Trip to Mars", Woody claims that Filipinos aren't allowed in libraries because they eat paper. Then the family is shown eating books at a library and the dad complains the new Stephen King novel is terrible then throws it up confetti-style.

In "Write 'Em Cowboy", Woody strangles and headlocks the young girl in the Filipino family screaming, "What the hell is Charlie doing in Iraq?!!!" which made the girl panic. Her parents take amusement in this and the girl's dad even takes a picture of it, claiming that they love Brickleberry Park.

Filipinos are the only known tourists who say they love Brickleberry Park, which is universally hated and is considered the worst national park in America.

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