Donnie's birth form

Donnie upgrade

Donnie's true form

Donnie (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is the devil son of Connie and Satan. Donnie is the Anti-Christ, which everyone (except Connie) is aware of.

His full name is Donald Sutherland Cunaman. After Connie gave birth to Donnie, everything out of the ordinary like combusting flowers and animals, dying flock of birds, and the awakening of Mount Brickleberry the volcano begins to happen. Just as the other rangers and the Exorcism Dream Team were about to hurl Donnie into the volcano, Connie protected him at all costs until Denzel smacked the baby out of her hands and threw it like a football into the volcano. However, it just made him mutate into his true form and went on to unleash many demons from hell to terrorize all of Brickleberry. Connie stood up to her devil son and ordered him to stop the Apocalypse. Donnie begged that he keep doing so, but Connie firmly ordered him to "cut it out right now" angered over what he was doing. Donnie reluctantly ended it and said goodbye to his human mother as he descends into hell thus turning Mount Brickleberry from a volcano back into a normal mountain.

Family: Edit

Connie- mother

Satan- father

Alan Cunaman- maternal grandfather

Mrs. Cunaman- maternal grandmother