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Brickleberry character
Denzel Jackson
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 30s
Job Park Ranger (temporarily a D.J. and music concert manager)
Religion Black Protestant
Voiced by Jerry Minor
First "Welcome to Brickleberry"
Last "Global Warning" (of the show)

"Armoogeddon, Part 4 (of any canon medium) "

Denzel being epic

How far his ego will go.

Denzel Jackson is a main character on the animated series Brickleberry. He is voiced by Jerry Minor. Denzel's main role in the series is to provide humor that is related to topics of race and sex while also serving as the "straight man" to Steve's stupidity.


Denzel is an African-American ranger who doesn't care about his job, but can’t seem to be fired because of not just affirmative action but he works for a government agency. He has gerontophilia (a strong love for elderly white women) that, more often than not, gets him into hot water. He worked for the park service in New York City, but after some harassing phone calls to Barbara Bush, he was transferred to Brickleberry. Denzel finds his new job much more challenging than working in Brickleberry Park because he’s afraid of bugs, snakes, and pretty much anything else that inhabits the woods. His father, and his father's before him, were all police men killed in the line of duty, except for the first Denzel Jackson, who was a slave.
Brickleberry Meet Denzel Jackson01:14

Brickleberry Meet Denzel Jackson


Denzel spends most of his free time smoking up, getting out of work, or moseying about with his bud, Steve. When he's not constantly pointing out the hidden racial insults in other peoples' sentences, he's probably doing something disturbing. A fetish for extremely elderly white women becomes apparent early on, and we see all too well what he enjoys about his girls.

Denzel's personality is complicated compared to the rest of the main cast. Denzel often plays a jokester who pranks or backlashes people for his own amusement, a deceiving greedy con artist who exploits his co-workers or others for money, and also the butt of racism for being black. Denzel however is racist too, as he stated prejudice against Whites and Latinos. Denzel is biased towards Latinos more than any other race. When Denzel got his skin burnt off and he was accidentally given white skin instead, Denzel complained about this to Dr. Kuzniak, who decided to offer him Mexican skin that no one else wanted (Denzel: "Nope, nope, white is fine. Thank you").

Although he is usually depicted as lazy, Denzel does have moments where he does care for his job. The few times he cares for his job, however, usually included elderly white women, or to further his time away from being forced to do work. His boss, Woody, appears to have no problem with Denzel being lazy. Despite he almost never does his job , he was actually proven to be competent enough to replace Woody as the Head Ranger temporarily in the episode Old Wounds. However, despite the higher income and rank he gets from being promoted to Head Ranger, Denzel immediately quit because he found the job lacking any time to smoke pot or even hang out with Steve.

Denzel is a drug addict. He's severely addicted to marijuana, having no regard to the laws against it even though he's a ranger and he smokes it everyday at 4:20 P.M. He loves marijuana so much that he will resort to drastic measures like quitting his own job if it requires him to do a drug urine test or offering to suck penis if he is denied weed. In Global Warning, Denzel was also into eating psychedelic mushrooms.

Whenever he was dedicated towards a job or task it was usually because it had piqued his interest rather than because he was ordered or felt obligated to do it. On one such occasion he trained for and won an Ass Blasting competition with Connie as his partner. And because only putting effort into what you enjoy or are interested in is a pretty common behavior for many lazy or apathetic people, Denzel is a relatable and enjoyable character.

Denzel is very sex-crazed, although he has a very unusual and limited preference to only very elderly white women. In one episode, he dated elderly white women who are so old that they pass away just seconds after he has sex with them.

Denzel is a black Protestant, as revealed that he used to go to church in A-parkalypse and he was ordained by a minister who often made ridiculous fallacies about the Bible or Christianity, having been high on snake venom. Denzel often mentions "Baby Jesus" a few times in the show, going as far as to even travel back in time in the comic book to abduct baby Jesus and claim him as his son.

Trivia Edit

  • Denzel is the only character in the main cast whose parents didn't appear on the show. However, his grandmother did appear in "Trailer Park", since he used her to punch the Judge out of consciousness.
  • Denzel is also the only main character who doesn't have a flashback as a kid or baby.

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