People pleaser

Daniel Tosh: People Pleaser is a stand-up comedy event by Daniel Tosh, and his most recent one as of 2016. His main target for jokes was China.

Tosh joked about how there's so much racial diversity in America while there isn't any sign of diversity in China, the cheerleading squad in China all being "Chinese bitches", there aren't any "white bitches" or "black bitches", overpopulation in China, the gender gap in China that is biased towards females, how Chinese parents may be asked by their 19 kids the question which one of them is their favorite, how China is beating the United States in economic competition to earn the most money, students in China studying so hard for subjects (even useless ones like playing violins, martial arts), that Chinese students are studying so hard they deserve to make their country rich enough to purchase the United States.

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