''Daddy Issues''
Season 1, Episode 9
Production Code: 1RAG03
Bb 103 1
Written by Michael Jamin and Sivert Glarum
Directed by Zac Moncrief
First Aired: November 27, 2012
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Steve's Bald
The Dam Show

Daddy Issues is the ninth episode of the animated series Brickleberry.


One lap around the field

Woody, Ethel and Connie in their underwear as penalty for losing the bet on the baseball game.

After Steve makes Brickleberry lose a baseball game (forcing them to do a penalty of stripping naked and being tied to a pick-up truck where they get dragged across the ground for 5 miles), Steve blames this all on his being unable to have had a father when he grew up. After half-eaten goats show up all over Brickleberry, he then finds what seems to be his long-lost father, whom disappeared many years ago when Steve was just a little boy. However, his father now seems like a wild animal who cannot fit into society.

Meanwhile, Woody pays the ultimate price for being late on his debt to Malloy after Woody bet $2,000 on the baseball game.

Trivia Edit

  • The episode's title is a reference to the phrase "daddy problems".

Quotes Edit

  • Woody: Dammit you bastards! This is the bottom of the 9th! It's our last chance! [to Malloy] Come on, rally bear! Show some spirit! Why can't you dance like those black bears? [points to the Yellowstone black bears chanting "Go Yellowstone!"]
    • Malloy: I am fighting the urge to say something horribly racist.

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