I sure like beading

Obviously not masculine.

Chief Pierce is the chief of the Hazelhust Police Department. He showed up once in the Season 3 episode Cops and Bottoms.

He is married to a fat wife who he loves very very much, which indicates that Pierce is a chubby chaser. Pierce also mentions that he gets turned on watching his wife eat. It's hinted Pierce doesn't even know his wife's name, since he only refers to her as his wife.

Chief kicking steve

Obviously not fond of Steve.

He also has a tendency to beat up those who interrupted his leisure time or when they didn't follow his orders, with either his nightstick or his foot. (This happened to Steve then Briggs).

At first, he didn't like Steve because Steve is (obviously) not suitable to be a police officer because he's too stupid and annoying to be one. Steve then (accidentally) saved his wife (who was being taken hostage by a robber) by having thrown hot coffee and a hot dog upon the robber (the coffee burnt his head and the hot dog choked him). Briggs then took an immediate respect for Steve and gave him a lasting position as police officer, even though he shouldn't have because Steve's not fit to work as a cop.

The last time he is seen is when he mourns his fat wife's death from a diabetic coma.

Chief and his fat wife

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