Brickleberry HD CLEAR Character ART Buella Firecracker Jim's Wife

Buella is Firecracker Jim's wife (and punching bag). She is voiced by Waco O'Guin. Buella's not the most attractive, or the nicest woman in Brickleberry. She is very fat, mean and violent. She and Jim have a very hostile marriage, as she fights with her husband up to the point that Jim calls her ugly, Jim allows other males to abuse or have sex with her, and Buella throws kitchen knives at Jim, leaving him severely injured with deep cuts. Nonetheless, they will have sex, even if it's immediately after they were fighting.

In Write 'Em Cowboy, when Malloy became an adult bear and starting working at Meat Sandwich Yummy You Like!, Buella asked Malloy which has less calories: the Chicken-zilla or the Beef St. Helens. Both options are (obviously) very fattening but Malloy didn't directly answer and asked her to just get a yummy meal which comes with a free mirror. This made the Asian manager angry and so he fired Malloy.

In Steve the Fearless Pilot, Jim happily allowed Bobby and BoDean to kidnap Buella, dress her in a green mermaid suit and tied her to the front of their pirate ship, which made Buella nauseous and very angry.

Her last appearance on the show was getting anal sex from Jim in the middle of a tornado in Global Warning.

She played an active role fighting off the cow invaders in "Armoogeddon, Part 4".