Bruce loses lots of poker games

Bruce Jenner is a transgender woman celebrity who was the stepfather of Kim and Khloe Kardashian until a while ago their relationship went sour and they split up. Jenner was mentioned in Season 1's "Gay Bomb" and then shows up in person 2 years later for Season 3's "High Stakes", where she is the episode's comic relief.

In Gay Bomb, a military colonel reveals that his secret facility has a bomb that can make a person's face look like Bruce Jenner's. He then remarks it usually leads to mass suicide.

Yeah, khloe i hate that hairy ape

In High Stakes, Bruce Jenner shows up as being one of Mayor Todd Ford's close friends. Jenner participated in a lot of Ford's poker games, but has always lost. Why she doesn't ever quit is a sign Jenner has a gambling problem. She is then seen in a hunter's uniform carrying a rifle, complaining that she wished her step-daughter Khloe were dead for being such a hairy ape.

Personality Edit

Bruce Jenner on the show is depicted as being hostile and rude to everyone around her, given her frustration over her gender identity.

Trivia Edit

  • BRUCE bomb

    The Bruce Jenner's face bomb, it makes your face look just like his. Usually leads to mass suicide.

    In real life, Jenner is a very hated celebrity in the United States due to her sexist comments and her association with the Kardashian family. Many consider Bruce Jenner to be a misogynist who objectifies women and propagandizes transphobia, since she demanded that people call her beautiful just for having transitioned to being a woman.

Quotes Edit

  • Woody: And you, Bruce Jenner, you are either a very ugly man, or a very attractive woman.
    • Bruce: Thank you.
  • Bruce: What's the matter, Woody? Got no balls? You wanna borrow mine? They're in a dumpster in Glendale.
  • Woody: Oh shit! I lost the park to a strike flush!
    • Bruce: Cry me a river. I lost my dick to a pair of queens.
    • Queen guy: Hello?! We have names you know!
  • Bruce: [sees Woody crying over Malloy Mallory shot] I wish I knew what it was like to lose a child.
    • Todd: Khloe?
    • Bruce: Yeah, Khloe. I hate that hairy ape.