• Godzilla101

    These aren't exactly ranked, but I will say that most of these jokes came from Season 3.

    1. When Woody asked Steve if the chalupa will "Give me the shits"
    2. Steve's "I'm playing with my cock" song when he wrote gay cowboy songs
    3. The Catholic Church Pope's "MONEY MONEY" strip dance
    4. When Woody explains that 2,015 years ago that Jesus killed all the dinosaurs so that he made oil for REPUBLIKANZ
    5. When Connie and Ethel try to fake a tornado with just a gray painted cone, the rednecks are like "Nice try assholes >:( That don't look nothing like Tornado, Tornado looks like THAT!!!" and there's a real tornado. Lol and they don't even care there's a real tornado, they just care about the fake one
    6. The Native American news where they announce "Look like sun" (rai…
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  • GabriellaVerena234


    December 18, 2014 by GabriellaVerena234

    This is my first Wikia page, and I'll say welcome to all other account. As you know, I was knew about Wikia since 2007, and I want to create an account. So, here's my first blog.

    I want to thanks tooooooo all my supporters who help me. Thanks so much.

    Stay tuned new thurs for a new blog entries.

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  • NightShadow-720

    Flamey the Bear

    December 30, 2013 by NightShadow-720

    Flamey the Bear is a real ripoff version of Smokey Bear. The only difference is that he also advertised preventions of big vats of acid.

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  • Ruralgeek


    November 18, 2012 by Ruralgeek

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  • Ruralgeek

    Second in Command

    November 17, 2012 by Ruralgeek

    I was given permission to co-admin this page by Startug, since he feels he has more important pages to tend to.

    The funny thing is nobody is ever gonna read this because nobody actually cares.

    If you actually see this though... good job.

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  • Startug

    Welcome to Brickleberry Wiki!

    September 25, 2012 by Startug

    Welcome to the upcoming wiki for the upcoming animated series on Comedy Central! I am currently working as hard as I can to expand the wiki in time for its premiere. My goals are to create a functioning front page and to become the head administrator here. An episode guide will also be created and so will episode templates. Leave any suggestions down below!

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