Bill nye

I couldn't disagree any more

Bill nye science guy

The CO2 level in Brickleberry Park is at an all-time high. Knowingly increasing your carbon footprint like Woody Johnson is doing is absolutely despicable.

Bill Nye is an American award-winning scientist, engineer, educator who appears in "Global Warning".

Since Woody started a company to do nothing more than produce carbon dioxide, Nye argues what a psychotic idiot Woody is for (intentionally) crippling the environment with carbon emissions. Angered by Bill Nye insulting him on Fox News, Woody compliments Bill by stating "that bowtie makes me want to punch the shit out of you, a scientist is basically a gay wizard, and that Bill Nye loves to suck on penis."

Trivia Edit

  • On the show, Bill Nye admits to not knowing what really happens if carbon footprints get very high. Though in real life, Bill Nye has a very long list of scientific arguments such as that it increases global temperatures so that our oceans get more acidified, animal species will be threatened by climate change, the human populace start suffering from heat, and droughts occur.

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