The leader of an Amish community that is possibly nearby Brickleberry appeared in the series finale episode Global Warning. He is the main antagonist of the Ethel and Connie subplot.

He executes anyone who uses technology by burning them similar to how women who were accused of witchcraft were burned in 17th century Salem. When Connie ratted out Ethel for using technology such as her phone and egg mixer, he had the Amish people tie up Ethel for using technology, and also tied up Connie for ratting out Ethel for using technology with intent to burn them alive with fire, but without anything to make fire like a lighter or matches, the leader spends about 5 hours trying to make a fire, which then gets blown away by Connie's "front fart". Ethel then had an idea and told Connie to drop her phone onto the ground, and the leader and the Amish people found "Happy Dappy Bird" on the phone, and the Amish leader started playing, but then he angrily realized what they just did.

He tied himself and the entire Amish community up to poles to punish themselves for playing Happy Dappy Bird (which is using technology). He then complains now there's no one to make the fire to burn them all. But then that begs the question how did they even manage to tie themselves up to poles without someone from outside the group.

It is possible that once the cows took over, the Amish leader did get burned to death.

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