Connie's dad

Alan Cunaman is the father of Connie Cunaman who disowned Connie as a child along with Connie's unnamed mother for being lesbian and replaced her with a St. Bernard dog whom they called Connie. Alan is extremely anti-gay and is either a Christian or Catholic. They also photoshopped Connie out of all the family photos and developed the Homo-Eradicator, a machine designed to cure homosexuality.

After Connie was reunited with her parents in "Gay Bomb", Alan choked the St. Bernard and Chuck to death. (Chuck was someone who helped build the Homo-Eradicator for Alan but disagreed with the machine's name) His preferred method of killing was choking the victim while rubbing the victim's head and saying "Shh...go to sleep (name), go to sleep" in a soothing manner.

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