And just why is the hook's end not coming out of the hole???

Abortia-geddon is a video game series consisting of at least 2 video games. Judging by how Malloy could only play it once he got big, it is rated Adults Only.

In the Season 3 episode Write 'Em Cowboy, when Malloy becomes big, he starts playing this game. Woody gets angry about this and asks if that's Abortia-geddon. Malloy states it's not, it's Abortia-geddon 2. The objective of the game is you play an unborn human fetus inside his or her mother's body who shoots a laser gun at a hook trying to abort it.

The hand

Afterwards, the doctor will give up with the hook and instead just reach in with his gloved hand and try to pull it out. That's possibly the final boss, the doctor's gloved hand.

Wonder who made these crappy games. Republicans?

Trivia Edit

  • The fact that you control a sentient human fetus is a nod to the horrendous argument a few pro-life activists make that fetuses are alive while they're still inside their mother's bodies.

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